Karl was Lucky.

He had a Wonderful Mother, Susan, who was an Excellent Cook and Baker.
Naturally as a young boy, Karl gravitated to the sweeter side of his Mom’s talents.

His Mom would bake cookies, cakes, layer cakes, muffins, pies, etc.
Karl wasted no time learning how to do it himself as he grew up with his less interested siblings.

Through school and Uni, he kept his interest alive often treating his friends with sweet creations.
Then Karl began to broaden his audience and even showed international companies how to
create American Drop Style Cookies a la Toll House.

Eventually Karl went the Bricks n Mortar route and succeeded immensely and while in his shop,
he concocted unique and unusual flavors and combinations such as Wasabi Toasted Black
Sesame Seed, Green Tea Milk Chocolate Toasted Coconut or Fire Chili Dark Chocolate Chunk.

You get the idea and you can believe that there are many more enticing flavors up his sleeves.

Using only the purest of ingredients; Fresh Butter, Eggs, Hand Chopped Chocolate,
Toasted Nuts in generous amounts and No Palm Oil, etc.

Then came along an offer he could not refuse and a large international company bought his
bricks n mortar to convert to another concept. Karl decided to take some time off to consider
his next moves and latched on to the idea of Virtual Kitchens for Delivery Only or PickUp.
This appealed to Karl as bricks n mortar are expensive to operate and have a larger carbon
footprint. Now with a Virtual Kitchen/Bakery, Karl can more efficiently reach a larger customer
base and keep his environmental impact lower.

You too can do the same and order Karl’s Cookies delivered to your Home or Office and
not need to take the time and energy to drive to the store to pick some up.

Here’s to your orders from the Virtual Bakery and if you have any questions or suggestions,
please let Karl know.

Thank you for being a part of the Karl’s Cookies Family and you can Order Here.

Cheers !

— Karl

The Greatest Sweetness on Earth