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Cookies and Sweet Things wouldn’t be as much fun without being able to sneak a cookie from the Cookie Jar !

So, if you like to get Something for Nothing, you are in the Right Place.

Yes, You CAN get a FREE $2.25 Cookie ! But you have to Earn It !

Post a Selfie with our Cookies and clearly visible Logo on any Social Network, send us a copy and we will give you a
FREE $2.25 cookie at our location. Sorry no deliveries unless you order a box of cookies online. Then we can add your Free $2.25 Cookie to your order.

Otherwise you can simply pick it up during our regular hours and Enjoy the Cookie Jar Sneak !

Now for the Generous of Heart and Stout of Fortitude, you can also send a box of cookies to your Loved Ones, Friends, Work Colleagues and even someone with whom you have had a Falling Out.

Nothing Says Love or Sorry like a Box of Karl’s Cookies !

A Box of Karl’s Cookies will also brighten the day of someone in less fortunate circumstance whether a stranger or someone close.

Remember with Every Order, you earn Free $2.25 Cookies !

The Greatest Sweetness on Earth